Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Unlike most people, I find prom to be overrated. Just like my dear friend, Katie Karns!

I find it to be a huge waste of money, as you can read about on Katie's blog, but is it all worth it? For just one night? I wonder the same about weddings and birthday parties too. I'm more of a long-time investor.

So I thought I'd look at this special event like any other teenage girl would and plan every detail out... Hypothetically, of course! ;-)

So I made a collage on Polyvore!

Check it out!
Overall, this look costs about... $9,219!!!

Dress - about $8,655 American dollars
Shoes - about $155 American dollars

Belt - $122 American dollars
Clutch - $26 American dollars
Bracelet - $25 American dollars
Earrings - $24 American dollars
Hair comb - $73 American dollars

And the having the hair, nails, and makeup done for a "special occasion" at a local salon:

Nails - $37 American dollars
Hair - $47 American dollars
Makeup - $55 American dollars

Granted that most people wouldn't spend over $8,000 American dollars on a dress and over $100 on shoes for prom, I still think it's ridiculous! Don't you??? Oh well, I might go my junior year anyway! Just to say I did, otherwise, I'll just skip it and go bowling with the gang :-)


- Christina

£5,325 -

Platform wedge heels
150 AUD -

Platform pumps
150 AUD -

La Regale flap handbag
$26 -

Tahitian pearl jewelry
$25 -

Dabby Reid glass earrings
$24 -

Crystal hair accessory
$73 -

Shimmer blush