Saturday, July 14, 2012

Style Guide: 1

Here's my idea. Post random outfits put together on Polyvore and put a style tip in with each one.

Here's the first.


Style Guide Tip: Don't be afraid to color block. Even though color blocking was SO 2011, it's still a common trend that is used in most celebrity wardrobes. Most people don't want to color block because they think it can be too overpowering for an outfit. And they're right. When done wrong, color blocking can overpower the outfit and make your figure appear boxy and unflattering. If you want to color block your main items in your outfit (e.g. a top and bottoms), simply go with soft pastel colors and flattering gem tones. By using these you will instantly tone down the bold effect and turn on the sweet, yet sophisticated contrast.

By pairing a pastel, mint green short with a gem tone top, such as this vibrant lavendar, the color blocking effect is created, but it is also contained by adding similar features and accessories; such as the light tan shoes, belt, and bag. Tying in gold jewelry from the buttons on the shorts is another way to pull your oufit together. For example, I used a butterfly bracelet and a heart tag necklace.

Items in this set

Ruffle Design Purple Blouse

Le short taille haute double boutonnage


ESSL 'Austrian' backpack

Butterfly Charm Bracelet

Anna's 14k Gold Plated Stainless Steel Heart Tag Necklace

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