Sunday, August 19, 2012

5 Ways to Wear a Collar

Collars are a dire and trendy piece everyone should have in their closet now. Get them while they're hot! This article will show the versatility of how to pull off a collar no matter your style!

The best part? These looks are all available at H&M from the peplum skirt to the biker boots!

Preppy: The most basic and common way to wear a collar.

H&M is able to take a simple business/casual look, and make it more playful and youthful with this school-girl collar.

With the peplum shirt paired with the mini skirt, a smaller waistline is instantly created!

Pairing the tall boots with a short skirt can be tricky, it takes a certain type of physic to pull it off. But don't worry! Anyone can with a little help!

If you have tall, skinny legs, go for a flat boot that is tall.
If you have shorter, athletic legs, go for a boot with some height! Try a shorter boot as well, like an ankle bootie!
The key to pulling off any type of clothing is knowing how to style YOUR body.
Showing more leg gives the illusion of longer legs while showing less can hide the length and draw less attention.

Rebel: Take badass leather and imagine it with a collar. Not a pretty thought? What about this look?

It takes the leather shorts and effortless t-shirt with a black beaded collar to emphasize the effortless chic, "I don't give a damn" look without clashing.

This look can also be paired with more edgy/rebel accessories, like a black leather bag, studded cuff, and badass biker boots!

 Business/casual: Take a young piece and dress it up to a mature quality!

Make your dress the statement piece of your outfit with a bright and noticeable color like this fierce burgundy!
Add a belt to add an hourglass curve effect to your figure and pair with pumps and a matching bag.

Quick styling tip: When trying to make a certain piece of your outfit stand out from the others, go with a bold color and surround it with basic colored accessories, like black, grey, and neutral colors.

Artsy: Make a collar quirky instead of traditional in this artsy twist!

A colorful pair of jeans and a layered tank is all you need to draw in the immediate attention. But keep their attention by accentuating your look with trendy leopard pieces, such as the shoes, rings, and even the detailing on the bag.

Even better! The tan leopard print really brings out the collar and makes it pop!

Another great thing about collars is they draw attention to your beautiful face and smile!

Casual: A collar can totally be pulled off in an effortless way!
The staples of a classic and casual look are simply jeans and a sweater. Dress it up with your accessories! Try a slouchy, over-sized bag with a pair of boots.

Like I said earlier, the collar makes your face the focal point of the outfit, so dress it up and go the extra mile by wearing a pair of dangle/drop earrings!
Quick styling tip: When wearing earrings, coordinate them with your hairstyle!

If you are wearing your hair down, it is the face-framing focal point! So don't let your earrings compete! Try for studs. It will look too busy otherwise.
If you are wearing your hair up, you want your earrings to be the feature! Opt for a longer pair if you want to make your neck look longer and a shorter if you want to shorten the appearance of your neck.

Well there you have it! 5 ways to wear a collar in 5 completely different styles!
Watch for more posts and I'll see you next time! ;-)

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