Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Style Guide: 2

Sweet n Sour

Style Guide Tip: Mix different colors and materials! Don't be afraid to try new things and experiment with fashion! Trying is the first step to succeeding, so go for new ideas and play around with your wardrobe. Try mixing textured materials, such as classic black leather, with soft colors, like a petal pink. This is an easy combination of sweet and sexy. By using the black leather, you give an edgy vibe, but by pairing it with the pastel sweater the look is instantly softened!

By pairing a pastel, pink sweater with a black leather mini, such as this with zipper detail, the unique mixture of materials and colors is given, but it is maintained by adding timeless accessories; such as the strappy black peep toe wedges, blooming rose earrings, and a simple black clutch. One way to tie the look together is by keeping all the metal detail in your outfit into a similar family. For example, the buckle on the shoes, detail on the clutch, and zippers on the skirt are all of a dusty silver finish.

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